Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to Get a Texas Reverse Mortgage

There are many steps involved in getting the best Texas reverse mortgage deal. One of these is evaluating the status of a home, whether it has an existing unpaid mortgage or it is free standing but still the senior wants to benefit from its equity proceeds. Age also keys in as an important factor as one can alter the payment plans for the better, the older they get, or can choose to tap into the income for a limited duration.

Here are a few steps to follow towards securing a deal with liberty reverse mortgage:

1. Consult with a FDA consultant

A mandatory basis for qualifying for a reverse mortgage from the Federal Housing Administration’s HECM arrangement is to seek professional counsel from an advisor. He or she may not necessarily be from the government but can still be a private insider on federal matters working with an agency. The FHA gives the number for getting this advice as (800) 569-4287. The importance of this reverse mortgage counseling session is to allow the senior to analyze whether the decision he or she is making is feasible, impartial and beneficial.

2. Select a Lending Option

There are several reverse mortgage-lending options. The cheapest and most accessible to most is the single purpose credit. It helps home-owners, who are above 62 years, to obtain a loan that they will inject into such pre-determined areas as revamping, redesigning or annexing property. They come with the lowest closing costs of all equity agreements including that of HECM. To obtain this, one can visit the nearest state agency and check whether there are available programs to support community homes under this kind of loan.

3. Compare Lenders

Lending agencies including federal and state-based are many. The private sector alone can provide as much credit as one needs. After appraising the value of the property (with or without outstanding credit), it is advisable to prepare between $300 and $400 as fee for the professional surveyor. This helps the lending institution to recognize the current principal value of the house as feasible and honest. The limited figure that one can borrow from an FHA point of view is $625 500.

4. Configure the Method of Receiving Payments

Now it is time to configure the kind of payment procedure to follow, while also capitalizing on the variable interest allowance that can change any time. The best way to settle for a figure is to either use a mortgage calculator, or just do the math on a holistic perspective like in the following example. Mr. X has a house whose total value, without any mortgage attached to it is $500 000. An appraiser comes and places the principal limit of the house (denoting the sum that an investing agency eying the property after the octogenarian passes on can get upfront) at $240 000. After withdrawing the closing costs including the upfront fee, MIP and title insurance, among others, the net principal limit goes down to a flat $200 000. The senior has now the choice of selecting a limited, variable or lifelong payment plans. In case of the former, he may choose to exhaust all the proceeds in the next half a decade, meaning receiving an equal annuity of $3333 per month for 5 years. He may also want to extend the maturity period to a further 5 years, which brings the rate to around $166.5 per month. One who is at 62 now may want a lifetime option, of lesser installments or may opt to take advantage of improved interest that comes at 75 years.

5. Choose an Annuity Plan

Typically, five remittance models come with a reverse mortgage. These include a tenure, which implies that either of the senior beneficiaries will perpetually amass an equal measure of installments over a lifetime. Term-annuity is where the beneficiary selects a number of installments that will come at an equal value throughout the specified maturity duration. Line of credit is where one gets unequal payments from the lender, at any time, but on a monthly basis, with any interest accrued. Modified tenure is a merger of the forgoing pragmatic payment option with that of a fixed model for the duration that the residence remains one’s property. A modified duration, on the other hand, implies the merger of the pragmatic line of credit with the term specification.

Qualification Details

While the above are practical details, there are also qualification specifications that can shed more light on how to get a reverse mortgage from liberty reverse mortgage.
One must be 62 years and above.
The house should be the principal residence for the seniors.
The property may be under mortgage, under partial mortgage or wholly under ownership of the senior.
The house may not suffer delinquency from FHA.
One should seek counseling information from a professional adviser.

Thus, getting a Texas reverse mortgage is not all about qualifications but also insight and self-evaluation. Seniors need to compare deals, consult professionally and get appraisal before they can sit down with relief of getting a lending agency to pay them for a lifetime on equity alone.

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